Biodiversity of Kerry

Explore the natural heritage of County Kerry during Biodiversity Week 2019, May 18th-26th.

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Biodiversity Office

Kerry County Council

Welcome to the Biodiversity page of Kerry County Council’s Heritage Website.  

Biodiversity, wildlife, habitats, ecosystems, nature, birds, animals, flora (plants), fauna (animals)??  What does it mean? Well all these words describe the natural world that surrounds us in our everyday lives. It’s all interlinked and includes us – the people of Kerry!

Browse through this website for an overview of the diverse range of habitats (places where animals, birds and plants live) and species (whales to bacteria!) found in the County.  Kerry has an incredible diversity of wildlife – it is very bio (life) – diverse! Almost half the County is designated in the Natura 2000 network.  This is a network of natural heritage sites protected across Europe.

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